When Erika led K__ upstairs by the hand to her bedroom, there was a Labor Day party taking place in the courtyard behind the house. Hundreds of people, a “little” shindig thrown together by her housemates. Some knew what it was between the two, some didn’t, no one cared by then.

They’d barely gotten inside and locked the door before tearing the clothes off one another. Their lips pressed together in hard kisses, over and over, as they made their way over and plopped onto the bed. They paused just long enough for her to hand him a condom (polyurethane because it felt much better than latex) and he slipped it on before sliding on top of her and burying himself deep inside her as the music thronged and people danced and the smell of food cooking in the courtyard wafted up through her window which directly overlooked the area.

Somewhere in the back of her mind as their bodies moved under the hue of the red light she installed above the bed, she wondered if anyone could see and yet she didn’t give a damn, it was so good, so good. It didn’t appear that anyone did or if they had, no one made any noise about it.

They’d first gotten together a year prior, Erika and K__, in this very same house, at a different party. The occasion for that was Memorial Day. That was before she’d had an argument with her overbearing mother and decided to move out once and for all and it just so happened this room at this house was available. She moved in two days later. It was just as well, she was 25 now, a good age, long overdue in Erika’s opinion to go out into the world and do what she wanted without anyone giving her shit over it.

On the way to the Memorial day party, she rode the train with her friend Rye and as it sped through Brooklyn, they’d reviewed the list of guys they haven’t yet slept with in their circle.

“Who would you sleep with next?” Rye asked Erika.

“I don’t know…most of the guys we hang out with are knuckleheads.” They both laughed. Then she thought about it. “Well, maybe K__. He’s short but he’s got a nice body.”

“Studies martial arts too!” Rye chimed in.

“Yeah there’s also that! If he has the discipline for that then I’m willing to bet he’s good in bed too!” they both laughed again.

“He’s a virgin though.”

“Yeah? Ain’t he 22 years old?”

“Never been with a woman before. He admits it.”

“Damn. I bet you if he so much as touches your arm you’ll come in your jeans!” They fell all over themselves and almost missed their stop.

At the party, the booze flowed and before long Rye pulled K__ aside and told him what Erika said. From that point on he stayed glued to Erika’s side until sometime towards the end of the night and they found themselves in the corner.

“So,” he breathed right into her face softly, “Is it true you really said those things about me?”

“Is it true you really are a virgin?”

He nodded, smiled. A beautiful row of teeth glowed in the dim light as the other partygoers moved all around them. “It’s true.”

“How did that happen?”

“Just turned out that way, I guess.” They chuckled at this and before Erika knew it, K__ was kissing her. She heard the stunned OOOHS!!! and AHHHHS! all around them as her face seemed to melt onto his and they were pressed up against the wall and holding each other as the cheering and hooting and hollering became louder and next thing after that someone put a latex with an orange wrapper in her hand and was ushering them up the stairs to a spare bedroom right across from where her own bedroom-to-be was and then they were taking their clothes off and she slipped the condom onto his hard member as he didn’t know how before mounting him, lowering herself onto him. He was huge, much larger than his short height would ever indicate, and young, and so ready.

She rode him, hard, this virgin who was no longer a virgin thanks to her, and she felt his energy and his youth and his thickness and length and before she knew it she was hollering and howling and had three orgasms one after another and somewhere lost in her screams were his own moans and groans and she felt the condom fill up to the brim and then it was done. That was the first time.

Now here they were, in her room, with the party below and the stereos blasting reggaeton and hip hop and r&b with the room awash in red. Over the course of the year he’d go to her and they’d sleep together, then sometimes out of the blue dump her and tell her about how he was in love with some Indian girl he was friends with but how she didn’t want him in that same way. It hurt Erika when he’d wax on and on about the other girl. One time, just after sex in that very same bed, he got to talking about this other girl and how her family arranged for her to be married to some other guy, and laid his head on Erika’s shoulder and cried real tears over it.

Erika forgot about all this and more, as their bodies rocked and the bed shifted and creaked underneath their bodies that dripped with clean sweat. She stifled the moans and cries that threatened to burst forth from her mouth as the oblivious light shone down on them and the liquor flowed downstairs and no one gave a damn. Finally after an hour, she shuddered and came for what must have been the 5th or 6th time and then he came too and plopped down on top of her.

They laid like that for several minutes before he rolled off her and down to the end of the bed. Sat there in brooding silence for a minute, his penis still wet and exposed, with his head hanging down between his shoulders.

“What’s wrong?” she asked him.

He sat there, unmoving.

“Hey K__, what’s wrong?” She reached out and stroked the back of his head and neck.

“I can’t see you anymore.” His voice was barely above a whisper.

Her blood ran cold. “What?”

“I said I can’t see you anymore.”

She blinked. “Wha– what?”

He turned his face halfway in her direction. “I can’t see you anymore. I just came here to be with you one last time. I thought maybe I could take a piece of you with me.”

“What the fuck do you mean? You mean you knew you were going to dump me before you even came here?”

“I’m sorry.”

“What the fuck.” She jumped off the bed onto her feet, still naked. “You know what, just get out. Get the fuck outta my room!”

He rose to his feet while awkwardly trying to pull up his pants. “I’m sorry I thought–”

“Thought what? That I’d be okay with this shit? Omigod just get out of my room!” She was pushing him now towards the door. “Just get out, just go!”

“I thought we could be friends–” Erika slammed the door hard in his face. Picked up his shirt, opened the window wider, and tossed it out. Then she threw herself back onto her bed and cried.

Deep down she knew it was coming sooner or later. She knew it. She also knew that before long they’d find their way to each other again. The chemistry was just too good. Besides, where else was he going to go? To the Indian girl? That wasn’t ever happening. So Erika laid there bare naked and crying and humiliated, but still hopeful. Downstairs the party was beginning to die down. She took out her cell phone and took a couple of pics of herself crying. She didn’t know what she was going to do with them yet. Then she got dressed and went downstairs. Maybe there was still some booze left.

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