What this is all about

My name is N.E. Langston. The N. is for Nicole, E. is for Erica but I wanted to abbreviate it because it just fits together like a warm bowl of stew (or chili, mashed potatoes what have you) on a cold winter evening. I am a WOC, a Black woman, a Mother, a Wife, increasingly restless and bursting with all the things I should have said some time ago but it’s better late (though it’s not TOO late) than never, right?

I am a writer and have been all my life but I’ve never been published. Not yet. Picked up the pen at 8 years old, took the ball and ran with it all the way through high school, then dropped it and went bullshitting for 20+ years till I finally got tired of the bullshit, picked up the pen again and the words and ideas flow as they always have. If words are water, I am never thirsty.

I am writing a book, the subject and contents of which I’ll post about later. I’ll also be posting original passages, maybe some prose, some vignettes, and some thoughts on a matter of different subjects-mostly current affairs.

Today I decided to create this little blog here to post at length what I cannot on Twitter and chose not to on Facebook. I may be all over the place as that is often the nature of my thoughts but know that I write from the heart–and those are the truest words that anyone can write. My words pour forth with a great deal of urgency as I feel I have a lot of making up to do. Please excuse the mess.

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